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That testing video content should be fast, affordable, and provide understandable insights that help clients make better data driven decisions. We are a team of research professionals dedicated to helping out clients optimize their video messaging content through online research. By leveraging technology, we help our clients optimize their messaging and communications strategies by testing advertisements, online videos, media interviews, and any other form of recorded video content.

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We combine rich data of Moment-to Moment (M2m) with online surveys.
what-we-doThe G2 Analytics Moment-to-Moment (M2M) Video Scoring platform was designed specifically for testing video content online. Our simple and easy to use interface allows respondents to focus on the content and score the video using a customizable binary indicator.
We provide qualitative and quantitative data.
We combine the rich data of Moment-to-Moment (M2M) video scoring with online surveys to provide qualitative and quantitative data on video advertisements and messaging.
We provide our clients with research driven data to strengthen messaging.
At G2 Analytics, we provide clients with data driven advice to not only improve their message but optimize their overall messaging strategy. Utilizing our unique blend of quantitative and qualitative research methodologies, we help clients better understand their audience, help shape their strategy, and provide the insights needed to create rich and compelling content.

Our Results

Our process is built on the foundation on the need for a better, faster and more affordable way to test video content. As the demand and consumption for video content has skyrocketed, the traditional way of testing video is cost prohibitive and extremely ineffective. G2 Analytics finally enables clients to escape from the limitations of focus groups, which are expensive, time consuming, and can be heavily influenced by a moderator or an outspoken participant. While focus groups are severely limited in sample size and geography, G2 Analytics is fully customizable to a client’s scale and scope. G2 Analytics’ model not only allows test their content, but also allows clients to continually evolve video messaging over time.

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