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G2 Analytics was born out of a simple idea: That testing video content should be fast, affordable, and provide understandable insights that help clients make better data driven decisions. We are a team of research professionals dedicated to helping out clients optimize their video messaging content through online research. By leveraging technology, we help our clients optimize their messaging and communications strategies by testing advertisements, online videos, media interviews, and any other form of recorded video content.


We believe what doesn't get measured can't be improved. To learn more about how we can improve your video content or how we can test live events in real time, please contact us 


Our platform was created to test video content in an online environment, not adapted to it. We enable audience engagement for any video content and allow audiences of any size to actively participate in Focus Group in the Cloud events through any web-enabled device. Combining the rich data of Moment-to-Moment (M2M) video scoring with online surveys, we provide qualitative and quantitative data on video advertisements and messaging. We provide clients with research driven data to strengthen their message and deliver unique insights on their target audience in a faster and more cost-effective approach than the traditional research methodologies.


Our process is built on the foundation on the need for a better, faster and more affordable way to test video content. As the demand and consumption for video content has skyrocketed, the traditional way of testing video is cost prohibitive and extremely ineffective. G2 Analytics finally enables clients to escape from the limitations of focus groups, which are expensive, time consuming, and can be heavily influenced by a moderator or an outspoken participant. While focus groups are severely limited in sample size and geography, G2 Analytics is fully customizable to a client’s scale and scope. G2 Analytics' model not only allows test their content, but also allows clients to continually evolve video messaging over time.


Traditional survey research has focused on testing the written message, but that does not provide the full picture. The idea of the Kendall Jenner Pepsi ad campaign might have seemed like a good one, but total execution was a complete mess. At G2 Analytics, our new M2M methodology provides unique insights on the whole picture, from the messages, the visuals, and the messengers. A positive message idea may be received very differently when presented by the wrong messenger. It is not enough to perfect your message; you need to optimize your delivery. Video content is rapidly becoming the most important medium by which brand messaging is communicated. G2 Analytics allows clients to optimize their video messaging content.

We believe in the power of video

Video content is one of the fastest growing trends of the digital age. Over the past decade, online video has grown from a place to watch viral comedy videos of the Star Wars kid or the dancing baby to accounting for over 75% of online traffic. Video content is how a modern day consumer interacts and reacts to a brand. G2 Analytics enables clients to effectively test their target audience prior to mass consumption.


We help clients optimize their video content and understand their audience. We address a significant gap in the way video content is tested by giving our clients the tools necessary to optimize their video messaging content and maximize the return on their advertising budget. We provide value to our customers by:

  1. Optimizing your video messaging content

  2. Providing audience segmentation to enable better, data-driven ad placement decisions

  3. Monitoring the effectiveness of messaging over time

  4. Testing messaging content in the way it is delivered

  5. Offering the ability to quantitatively and qualitatively test video content online at large sample sizes

  6. Deriving key findings that can be projected onto larger universes

  7. Eliminating the complexity of "dial testing"

  8. Faster than the competition



Calder Gage

SVP; Business Development

AJ Rehberg


Alexander Gage

Founding Partner

John Ewing

SVP; Operations

Leo Giacometto


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