Office                      Alexandria, VA

Hometown       Grosse Pointe, MI



Gage is a Michigan native. He was born and raised in  suburban Detroit. He graduated from the University of Michigan (’72) and attended graduate school at Wayne State University.

Gage began his professional career in 1974 as an survey research analyst at Market Opinion Research (MOR). MOR’s political group was founded and led by Robert M. Teeter who is considered by many as one of the true innovators of political campaign research. Gage has participated in various capacities in the last 9 GOP presidential campaigns.

In 2003, Gage founded TargetPoint Consulting, Inc. and created MicroTargeting, which ushered in a new era in consumer/voter targeting. Today, TPC is the leading provider of Communication Data, Information & Intelligence.

Gage is constantly looking to innovate survey research and believes what doesn't get measured can't be improved. In 2015, Gage founded G2 Analytics, a market research firm dedicated to revolutionizing the way videos are tested. Gage started G2 Analytics with a simple goal in mind: that testing video content should be fast, affordable, and provide actionable insights that help clients make better data driven decisions. By leveraging technology, G2 helps clients optimize their messaging and communications strategy by testing advertisements, online videos, media interviews, and any other form of recorded video content.


Karl Rove believes Alex Gage  “first served as a young aide in the polling shop of the Abraham Lincoln for President campaign, numerous GOP candidates – including Grant, McKinley, Coolidge, and every Republican president since Ike – have relied on his solid judgment, key insights, and tenacious commitment to our cause.  He’s a good man and a better friend.”