A US Senate campaign needed to maximize the impact of their TV advertising in the closing weeks of the 2018 mid-term election.  The campaign was specifically interested in determining which messaging strategy was the most effective at persuading undecided women voters. 

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G2 Analytics programmed and executed a series of weekly online surveys over the last four weeks of the mid-term campaign to test the effectiveness of various TV advertising strategies. The sample was limited to undecided voters in major DMAs and oversampled undecided Republican and Independent women.  Each survey tested the effectiveness of multiple ads and measured the general attitudes and opinions of undecided voters. The surveys were fielded over a period of three days in order to provide valuable insight for each weeks ad buy decisions.

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The ability to quickly test new and existing advertising content provided the campaign with the ability to make real-time, data-driven decisions regarding their ad buys in the final weeks of the campaign. Exit polling indicates that the one of the keys to the campaign’s success was overperformance with key voter segments that were the focus of this research, Republican and Independent female voters. 

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